Hard & Soft White Wheat

Hard White wheat can be used for the same products as hard red wheat. Bakers like it because HWs are excellent for use in the bread-making industry. Because it has a naturally sweeter flavor, bakers can use less sweeteners.

Soft white wheat is used mainly for bakery products other than bread. Examples include pastries, cakes, and cookies. It is also used for cereals, flat breads and crackers. Both white wheat classes make quality 100% whole wheat products.

White wheat contains the same healthy levels of whole grain fiber that red wheat does but does not have as strong a flavor and dark color. White wheat is actually golden in color, tastes sweeter and is lighter than its hard red wheat cousins. There are two types of white wheat – hard white and soft white. The differences between the two are found mainly in the end products for which they are used. Soft white has a lower protein level than hard white.

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